When will the building start?

    The next step is to engage the architects to undertake detailed drawings for the library building and to engage an appropriate builder once we have secured grant funding. As commencement of the building is dependent on receiving government grant funding and , council will focus on achieving this before building commences.

    What will happen to the existing library while the new library is being built?

    While the new library is being built, the existing library will continue to function in the Centre as usual. Once we get close to moving the library over, there will be more information about when that will happen.

    What will happen to the hall where the library currently is when the library moves into the new building?

    The hall will be returned to its original purpose for youth and will have the stage re-instated for potential future theatre and music events. 

    When will the proposed developments on the overall site be completed?

    Council is committed to providing facilities which enable residents and visitors alike to enjoy a healthy, quality lifestyle. Improved facilities for residents, families and visitors enhance both lifestyle and tourism experience, encouraging people to return to the district and stay longer. It is expected that the site will be developed over a number of years, based on the feedback from consultation and the priorities set during the budget process by Council as well as access to grant funding.

    Books are old-fashioned – won’t the library of the future just be digital?

    The State Government is committed to creating libraries that “are hubs of knowledge, creativity and innovation, bringing together the physical and digital worlds and providing opportunities for learning and leisure, linking the people of South Australia to each other and the world.

    When will the changes to the Centre happen?

    In conjucntion with the re-locatin of the library, we will make some changes to the Centre which will complement the new library space, making the whole Centre a more community-friendly, useable space for people of all ages and interests in our community. These may be undertaken over a number of years to ensure the costs can be managed within normal Council budgetary constraints.

    When will the changes to the site be made?

    Dependent upon the response to this consultation, the individual elements set out in the Site Master Plan will be prioritised through Council's normal annual budget process.

    What will happen to the existing shade sail and tables that are where the library will go?

    The existing shade sail and tables have been included in the Site Master Plan in an alternative location so they will be re-homed and people can continue to enjoy these facilities.

    How will Council pay for the new library?

    Council will be seeking grant funding for approximately 50% of the project from both the State and Federal Governments to offset the cost to Council. Council has committed to fund the remaining amount which will be approximately 50%. 

    The funding of the Council contribution will come from either existing cash reserves in the bank, from borrowing funds over a 10 - 15 year timeframe,  from the release of funds which become available from the rationalisation of existing assets which are surplus to needs or community donations.  A combination of the above may be used. 

    Will there be an impact on our rates?

    Council has adopted a Long Term Financial Plan with a plan to maintain expected rates increases at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus half a percent.  It is estimated that Council will be able to maintain their increases to this adopted level if the Library Project proceeds.