Brown Road (Residential) DPA - authorised

by M. Robertson, 12 Mar 2019
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

The Minister for Planning authorised the Brown Road (Residential) DPA within the Government Gazette dated 26 November 2015.

Council's Development Plan has now been updated to include the re-zoning of the small area of land located at the northern end of Brown Road, Carrickalinga to part of the Residential Zone.

After considering the public submissions, Council amended the DPA as follows:

  • The area of land to be re-zoned was reduced by approximately 0.5 hectare by removing steep land on the western (coastal) end of the site.
  • The upper boundary of the re-zoned land was re-located further down the hillside to the 60 metre contour
  • Specific planning policies were introduced to limit the overall height of new buildings to a maximum height of 8 metres and to a maximum overall height not to exceed the 62 metre contour
  • Minimum allotment sizes and wider frontage requirements were introduced where on-site effluent disposal is used.
The re-zoning of the land does not mean that any development of the site will begin. A development application to create new allotments and associated public roads and infrastructure will firstly need to be lodged and assessed against the technical requirements for land division.

Once approved, all public infrastructure (roads, drainage etc) must be completed to the required standards and then development applications will need to be indivually lodged for any future dwellings and associated outbuildings etc.

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Consultation has concluded

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