Getting to the final detail of the Development Plan Amendment

by M. Robertson, 12 Mar 2019
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
A number of amendments to the consultation version of the DPA have been recommended as a result of considering the public responses and the Visual Impact reports as follows:It is proposed that:
  • the DPA area be reduced by approximately 0.5 hectares by removing steep land at the western end of the site. (a response to reduce the visual impact and avoid excessive cut and fill in future development).
  • the upper boundary of DPA area should be lowered to the 60 metre contour of the hillside. (a response to ensure consistency with the intent of the District 30 Year Plan).
  • the minimum allotment size should be increased from 1000 sq metres to 1500 sq metres and incorporate wider frontages (minimum 22 metres) where on-site effluent disposal is used. (a response to provide flexibility for effluent disposal). Finally,
  • building height should be limited to 8 metres and a maximum of 62 metres Australian Height Datum. (a response to ensure that buildings will sit below the ridgeline of the hillside – when viewed from viewpoints away from immediately adjoining land).
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Consultation has concluded

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