Will anything from this plan be built this financial year?

    Yes. Council has committed to building a new toilet block in the park, as well as the footbridge and associated pathways to connect the southern part of Normanville with the township.

    How will the river environment be protected and enhanced?

    There is a plan in place to continue the native revegetation work along the riparian zone.

    No built facilities are planned below the 100-year flood line.

    Access across the river will be directed via the new footbridge in order to minimise the impact of foot traffic on the river.

    Why is Council spending money on the Park?

    Council is committed to providing facilities which enable residents and visitors alike to enjoy a healthy, quality lifestyle. Council's Strategic Plan 2014-2018 identifies the establishment of a footbridge over the river as a priority in order to connect Normanville's southern communities with the township as well as to meet present and future community needs.
    Improved facilities for residents, families and visitors enhance both lifestyle and tourism experience, encouraging people to return to the district and stay longer.

    What facilities are planned for families with young children?

    A nature play area is included in the plan (marked K on the Draft Concept Plan) to be located within view of the barbecue shelters. 

    Nature play is a concept to encourage children to spend more time playing outdoors using their imaginations in a natural setting. It inspires open-ended possibilities for self-designed play, creativity, learning and socialising. 

    Research demonstrates that unstructured, outdoor play in nature is fundamental to childhood and that it is as important to children as food and sleep!

    Another recent Swedish study demonstrated that children who are able to play in natural environments have less illness and better physical ability than those who play in human-designed environments and playgrounds.

    Will more parking be created?

    Yes - off street parking has been included in the Draft Concept Plan (marked as D) to make it safer for people using the park.
    Additionally, some parallel parking (marked as E) will be made available for long vehicles, so that caravans and motorhomes can pull off the road easily and safely.

    Will dogs be allowed off-leash in the park?

    The planned dog park (two optional sites are marked as H1 and H2 on the Draft Concept Plan) would be fenced and would provide a 24 hour off-leash facility which will complement the current rules for the Park which allow dogs off leash between Sunset and 10am. At other times dogs must be under effective control of their owners or handlers.

    What are Council's plans for the cottage that is in the park?

    Dunstall Cottage and its existing gardens will be retained.
    The Friends of Bungala Park group have successfully weather-proofed the building to protect it from the elements. and they continue to seek funds for further restoration work to continue.

    How will stormwater be managed under the new plan?

    Council's Urban Stormwater Management Plan has recently  been finalised and it identifies appropriate treatment approaches for consideration in future council budgets.