When and where can I attend a face-to-face forum?


    Attend one of our township community forums where you can talk with us and other local people about your hopes for the future of your community. These forums will be independently facilitated and will provide lots of opportunity for you to share your ideas for the future.

    Monday 4 November, 6.30 - 8.30pm
    Myponga Memorial Community Centre
    Oval Drive, Myponga

    Inman Valley
    Tuesday 12 November, 6.30 - 8.30pm
    Inman Valley Memorial Hall
    1713 Inman Valley, Road, Inman Valley

    Second Valley 
    Friday 15 November, 7.30 - 9.30pm
    Second Valley Soldiers Memorial Hall
    Finniss Vale, Drive, Second Valley

    Yankalilla, Normanville & Carrickalinga
    Friday 22 November, 6.30 - 8.30pm
    Club Fleurieu
    140-142 Main South Road, Yankalilla

    Wirrina Cove
    Friday 29 November, 6.30 - 8.30pm
    New Terry Hotel
    172 Paradise Drive, Wirrina Cove

    Cape Jervis
    Wednesday 4th December, 6.30 - 8.30pm
    Cape Jervis Community Club
    17 Ransford Street, Cape Jervis


    Attend a ‘What’s The Future’ event where you can hear a panel of locals and experts share their thoughts on the future of topics of interest in our district, and provide your ideas through audience discussion.

    Normanville Foreshore SpeakOut Event
    Thursday 9 January 2020, 12-7pm
    Normanville Foreshore
    Drop in anytime during the event

    What’s The Future of Healthy Ageing in our District?Tuesday 14 January 2020, 10am - 12noon
    Club Fleurieu

    What’s The Future of the Environment in our District?Saturday 18 January 2020, 2 - 4pm
    Normanville Hotel

    What’s The Future of Farming in our District?Wednesday 22 January 2020
    Afternoon session: 1 - 3pm RSVP HERE 
    repeated in Evening session: at 7 - 9pm RSVP HERE
    Parawa Hall

    What’s The Future of Jobs, Business and Tourism in our District?Wednesday 5 February 2020, 7.30am - 9.00am
    Normanville Surf Lifesaving Club
    *This venue is accessed via stairs, if accessibility is an issue please phone Natasha Hunt on 8558 0200 to discuss* 
    **Breakfast charges apply $25pp or concession available $10pp. Price includes buffet grazing table breakfast and barista coffee supplied by 21 Junk St**
    Bookings Essential - BOOK HERE or at the Fleurieu Coast Visitor Centre 8558 0240.

    What’s The Future of Arts & Culture in our District?Saturday 8 February 2020, 2 - 4pm
    Normanville Hotel

    What’s The Future of Sport and Recreation in our District?Tuesday 11 February 2020, 6.30 - 8.30pm
    Yankalilla Football Club

    What’s The Future of Children, Young People and Families in our District?
    Wednesday 19th February 2020, 6.30 - 8.30pm
    Yankalilla Area School

    Please RSVP (for room set up and catering purposes) via the above links or by calling 8558 0200.

    What is Nature's Best, Let's Plan the Rest all about?

    The District Council of Yankalilla must be responsive to the needs of our residents and ratepayers, both now and in to the future.

    From October 2019 to February 2020, we are planning to connect with people who live, work and play in the district to find out what's important to them.

    Creating a Shared Vision for our Community

    We want to find out what they love about our place, what their needs are likely to be over the next decade, what they want our district to be known for, and more.

    This community visioning process will mean that together we create a shared vision and aspirations for our district.

    Knowing what is important to the people who live, work and play in our district will assist Council in identifying how we can best work to support them over the coming decade.

    Conversations about key local topics of current interest

    During this process we will also seek out high-level discussion with the community on a number of key topics of current interest to both Council and the community.

    These include, but aren’t limited to –

    1.  How do the people who live, work and play in the district vision the Normanville Foreshore in the future, including their thoughts on the Normanville Caravan Park;

    2.  The use of the land at the Normanville township petrol station.

    This will not be the only time that Council connects with the community on the above topics but will provide a starting point for an ongoing conversation and enable community sentiment on specific topics to be incorporated in to the Strategic Management Plan. 

    I'm a bit nervous about coming to a Township Community Forum. What does it involve?

    Everyone is welcome to attend one of our Township Community Forums where you will be given a warm welcome by our independent facilitator Becky Hirst and the team. 

    Becky is planning to guide the group through a series of questions and conversations that will help everyone to share their thoughts and ideas for the future. Becky's aim for the forums is that you will leave feeling heard, and that together we identified some priorities for that particular township, or the district as a whole. 

    What we hear at the Township Community Forums will help inform our thinking about what we need to include in our Strategic Management Plan for 2020-2030. 

    Why is Council wanting to connect with the community on this topic?

    The Local Government Act 1999 says that Council must have a Strategic Management Plan. A comprehensive review of the Plan must be undertaken within two years after each general election of Council, and a process to ensure that members of the public are given reasonable opportunity to be involved in the development of this plan must be included.

    The District Council of Yankalilla is using this as an opportunity to develop a new Strategic Management Plan for 2020-2030.

    In line with the recently adopted Connecting with our Community framework, Council is keen to open up a conversation with the community to listen, learn and identify what's important to local people.

    We are connecting with the community through this strategic planning process with an aim to –

    • Collect valuable input, ideas and aspirations from community about what they want for their future to help inform our decision making for the Strategic Management Plan;
    • To build new relationships and/or improve and strengthen relationships with people who live, work and play in our district; 
    • To bring people, including our staff, along on the process of developing a relevant and well-considered Strategic Management Plan.

    When properly researched, designed and implemented, a Council’s Strategic Management Plan is a 'guiding light' for the organisation and the community, and will be the principal driver of key decision making and activity[1].

    [1] Guide to Preparing a Strategic Management Plan, Local Government Association of South Australia, 2012

    Where does a Strategic Management Plan 'sit' within Council operations?

    To support the Strategic Management Plan, several auxiliary operational plans, strategies and policies provide greater details and guide the strategic direction of the Council. 

    The main documents include our Long-Term Financial Plan (reviewed annually); Asset Management Plans (updated every four years); and our Annual Business Plan and Budget (performed annually). Other plans and programs also guide the direction of Council.

    The Strategic Management Plan provides a 'guiding light' for everything we do. What we learn from connecting with the community through this process will cascade in to other plans, strategies and policies. 

    However, the District Council of Yankalilla wants to create a culture where we put people at the centre of everything we do[1]. We therefore see this as just the starting conversation and that the development and implementation of other plans being part of ongoing conversation and connection with community. 

    [1] Connecting with our Community, A framework to help plan how we communicate with and listen to people who are impacted by the decisions we make; District Council of Yankalilla, adopted 16 July 2019.

    I gave a really good idea but it didn't end up in the Strategic Plan. Why not?

    During the next few months, we are planning to speak with hundreds of people who live, work and play in our district. We will hear thousands of ideas and opinions. 

    All ideas and opinions are important for us to hear and a large part of this process will be about us collecting these ideas and collating them in to themes. For example, at this strategic planning level, you telling us that you'd like more trees planting on the corner of your street might not mean that next week we'll be writing up your specific works request in to our strategic plan, but we will add it to our list of ideas that connect to trees, or streetscapes, or the environment. When we've heard other ideas and opinions about the environment from people all across the district, we'll know that this is a topic of real importance to the people in our district. At that stage we'll ensure that this theme is included in our strategic plan and we'll identify the actions we need to take to deliver on it. 

    In addition to the theming process above, we also have other factors to consider when preparing what goes in to our Strategic Management Plan. These include –

    • Legislative requirements – what services we are obliged to deliver;
    • Financial considerations – our budget, future funding opportunities;
    • Regional, state and federal policy and planning – where we fit in the broader public service context. 
    We can assure you that we are genuinelly listening to your ideas and opinions.

    Please note: Trees, streetscape and environment have been used above purely as examples to explain the process. 

    Who does Council want to connect with throughout this process?

    We want to hear from people who live, work and play in our district. 

    We will aim to listen to people with different needs, opinions, and ideas. This includes ensuring we hear from people representing different groups, interests and sectors. 

    Working in partnership with community leaders and other levels of government is critical to the success of this process and we will be reaching out as much as possible to work together with them. 

    How is Council planning to connect with the community?

    We will endeavour to use a wide range of methods for genuinely and actively listening to the community, selected from our Communication & Listening Tools Menu.

    We have designed a range of ways to get involved.

    We will connect with people using traditional methods as well as more creative & contemporary ways be part of the conversation.

    Conversations will take place off and online and will take in to account that people have different levels of capacity to be involved in our conversation, both in time, levels of interest and knowledge.

    People who live work or play within the District of Yankalilla will be able to choose to provide rich, considered input by attending a facilitated Community Forum or taking part in an online discussion forum. In contrast to this, if they are time poor, they will be able to provide us with quick, front-of-mind ideas through tools such as the flyers sent out with rates notices, social media commentary or our Mayor for a Minute video snapshots.

    We will also deliver an approach that combines tools which require the community to come to us (forums, online discussions) with times where we go to them (pop-ups, schools).

    In line with our Connecting with our Community Framework, we are actively involving people in problem solving as well as facilitating Public Initiated Participation.

    Why is the tractor going uphill on the Nature's Best graphic? I'm concerned it's churning up the coast!

    The tractor doesn’t have any equipment dragging behind and is heading up the hill to start the planting season of a crop. We also have quite a number of hills in our district, so it made sense at the time. 

    However, we understand that one of our Facebook followers would really rather this tractor to have been preparing flat ground. We apologise for any confusion the uphill-moving tractor may have caused. 

    In all seriousness, we wanted to include a tractor in the graphic to acknowledge the significance of agribusiness in our district. 

    If you're concerned about the tractor going uphill, or about the important role of agribusiness in our district, we'd love you to RSVP to our 'What's the Future of Farming in our District?' event in Parawa during January. 

    I don't like the title of this project. Can I suggest we change it?

    We chose the title of Nature's Best to align with our Made by Nature brand. 

    The process that we are undertaking is about creating a vision for the future - and more specifically for us, undertaking strategic planning to guide the work that we do to help our community reach that vision. This is why we included Let's Plan the Rest. 

    We understand and respect that some people in our community aren't keen on this title because whilst nature is the best, we can't ignore the planning that needs to be undertaken to protect it. 

    We hope that those feel strongly about this topic will contribute to our conversations and particularly encourage them to attend the "What's the Future of the Environment in our District?" event in January. We are definitely listening to your concerns about nature and our role in helping to protect it.

    To answer the question, no we won't be changing the title of this project at this point in time. 

    I'm cynical about this whole process. Is Council really listening?

    We understand that there is often cynicism regarding consultation processes. But we want to assure you that we really do want to hear as many ideas and opinions as possible, from as many people who live, work and play in our district! 

    In an attempt to demonstrate this commitment to you, we have consciously made a decision to take our time in connecting with the community, extending the project timeframe until the end of February 2020.