Will pedestrians still have to give way to cars?

    Yes, however a centre median island will be created to allow pedestrian to cross half the road at a time.

    Will there be a loss on street carparking?

    Yes about 5-6 carparks will be lost, depending on the final detail design. 3-4 on the Browse In side of the road and 2 on the Foodland / Bakery side.  However, if a Pedestrian Actuated Crossing was installed about 8-9 carparks could be lost.

    Council staff have met with the local business operators to advise them of the process and get their feedback. Letters have also been sent to all property owners in the affected area. 

    Will this improve safety at the location?

    Yes, it will improve safety for pedestrian and provide improved visibility for motorist existing from Bungala Street.

    What feedback is Council seeking?

    We are seeking feedback from businesses, residents and visitors to the area on the proposal to install a pedestrian refuge, prior to providing feedback to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

    How can I provide feedback?