15 August 2017

Council authorised the administration to send draft By-law to the Dog and Cat Management Board

21 November 2017

Response from Dog and Cat Management Board

A few small suggested amendments to be made to the By-law
12 December 2017

New Draft By-law endorsed by Council for public consultation

18 December 2017

Notice published this week within The Victor Harbor Times

18 December 2017

Draft By-law sent to Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

13 December 2017

Public Consultation commencement date

31 January 2018

Required legislative reports and and certificates prepared

- National Competition Policy Reports
- Solicitor's Certificate prepared
- Preparation of reports to the Legislative Review Committee
20 February 2018

Council resolves by-law at meeting

21 February 2018

Publication of notice of making By-law

19 February 2018

By-law published in Government Gazette

01 July 2018

By-law comes into effect (4 months after gazettal)

01 July 2018

By-law implemented