What is an Elector Representation Review?

    An elector representation review is held (usually every 7 or 8 years) when a Council considers options to alter its electoral composition (electing Mayor and Councillors) or Ward Structure (dividing the Council area into Wards or having no Wards). 

    The aim of the review is to determine whether a change to a Council's electoral composition or ward structure would benefit the community.

    What is the scope of the review?

    The review will examine possible options for the composition of the Council. The Options Paper will look at the following:

    • Method of election of the Mayor (whether elected by the community or a Chairperson, known as Mayor, but appointed by the Councillors from within the body of elected Councillors);
    • To continue with Wards or not to have any Wards;
    • Ward Boundaries - to continue with the existing Ward Boundaries, or alter them;
    • Number of Councillors - to continue with the same number of Councillors or reduce/enlarge that number.

    Representation Options Paper and Report

    Council is required to produce three draft papers, two of which are released for public consultation:

    • The Representation Options Paper
    This paper will examine the advantages and disadvantages of the various options that are available to Council and is the subject of the first round of community consultation.

    A copy is able to be viewed and downloaded from the consultation website and is also available from the Council offices.

    • The draft Representation Review Report
    This report will provide information on the first round of public consultation and the Council's response to the issues arising from the submission. It will set out any proposal for change that the Council considers should be carried into effect, taking account of the requirements prescribed by the Local Government Act 1999 in relation to (Section 26) - Principles the Minister must have regard to and (Section 33) - Ward Quotas.

    Should a decision be made not to adopt any change, then the report must also set out the reasons for the Council's decision.

    This report will be available on Council's website and at the Council offices. Further public consultation will be undertaken on this Report and any person who makes a written submission on the report will be provided with an opportunity to appear personally, or by representative, before the Council on their submission.

    • The Final Representation Review Report
    Council will consider the second round of public feedback prior to finalising its report which will require certification by the Electoral Commissioner.

    If the report proposes change to the composition of the Council so that Council will have a Mayor (elected by the Community) rather than the current situation of having a Chairperson called Mayor (appointed by the Councillors from within the body of elected Councillors), then the proposal cannot proceed until a poll (of electors) has been conducted on the matter (in conjunction with the next general election for the Council).

    Who can make submissions?

    Any person or group may make written submissions about the Representation Options Paper, or the Representation Review Report.