Why do you ask for my personal information in the survey?

    We are all different and have different needs when using trails and open spaces. The personal information survey questions are optional, and the information provided will help us to ensure the trail priorities are a good representation of our community.

    What is a trail?

    A trail is defined as an established route, path or track that can be used for non-motorised recreation, such as walking, running, cycling, mountain-biking and horse-riding. Trails typically have unsealed or natural surfaces and pass through natural areas, parks, reserves or urban areas. Trails can be short distance, long distance or can be interconnected sections of trail linked and navigated with signage and maps. Trails can be used for commuting, exercise, recreation and tourism experiences.

    Why develop a Strategic Action Plan?

    District Council of Yankalilla is developing this plan to guide the development and future management of trails to ensure they are sustainable and meet community needs.

    There is a lack of trails in the District combined with growing demand from residents and visitors. 

    The plan will create a blueprint prioritising upgrades to existing trails and proposing new trails and areas for further investigation.  Detailed concepts for each of the priority trails will assist Council to seek funding.

    What will happen with my suggestions?

    Your contributions will be used to make improvements to our trail network. We will also use your feedback to see if there are any gaps in the network and the facilities and services that Council provides. Ideas will also be considered for inclusion in future Capital Works Programs and external funding applications.