What does "effective control" mean?

    A dog is considered to be under effective control (on or off-leash when): 
    ·  Your dog is in close proximity to you  
    ·  Your dog will return to your side by responding to your voice command, whistle or hand signal immediately  
    ·  You are able to control your dog in any circumstance  
    ·  Your dog does not chase, harass or cause a nuisance to any person, animal or bird 

    Extra criterion whilst walking your dog on the beach:  
    ·  Jump up on/harass other beach users, especially young children and the elderly  
    ·  Act aggressively towards other dogs or animals  
    ·  Urinate on beach towels/clothes  
    ·  Run uncontrolled with the risk of colliding into people  
    ·  Be exercised off-leash in sand dunes and areas where restrictions have been installed to assist in the preservation of flora or fauna (ie: where there are Hooded Plover nests/eggs/chicks)

    What does "Dog Exercise" Mean?

    Dogs can be exercised off a leash and whilst under *effective control"

    What does "Dog on Leash" mean?

    Dogs are to be exercised only on a leash and whilst under *effective control

    What does "Dog Free" mean?

    Dogs are NOT permitted, even if on a leash

    When is daylight savings in South Australia?

    Daylight savings period in South Australia commences on the first Sunday in October each year until the first Sunday of April of the following year, on an ongoing basis.

    What is a "family friendly" area?

    Areas on beaches or within reserves where, if dogs are allowed, they are to be under effective control AND on a leash at all times.

    What fines/expiation may be incurred for not following the Council's controls?

    Fines allocated via expiation notices for infringements to by-laws and the Dog and Cat Management Act will be issued by Council and include:

    ·  Not picking up dog faeces - $55

    ·  Exercising a dog off leash during times where on-leash controls are in place - $80

    ·  Exercising a dog which is not under effective control - $80

    ·  Having an unregistered dog - $80

    Non-compliance with a by-law - $187.50