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Have we got the strategy right?

2 months ago

This strategy provides a five-year planning framework to support the vibrancy, diversity and sustainability of the communities of the Yankalilla District, to 2025 and beyond.

Designed to effect positive change, the opportunities for action presented in this strategy, when implemented, will help facilitate the resilience, competitiveness and success of local businesses and the capacity of the Yankalilla District community to attract investment, diversify the economy and provide the foundations for the jobs of the future.

Please read the full "Prosperous by Nature: Draft Economic Development Strategy 2020-2025" located in the useful documents section.

Have we got the strategy right? 

This strategy was drafted prior to COVID-19, in light of this is there any adjustments that need to be made?

Please provide your feedback!

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  • Yoho 1 day ago
    Hi Andy and Tash
    The draft eco dev plan identifies our economic drivers but I did wonder if the creative arts should be added to the tourism, retail etc driver as the creative arts have potential especially with the Myponga Music Festival emerging.(Page ii )

    To deliver this comprehensive plan requires a major commitment from Council at a time when resources ($) are very tight. It will take a very experienced economic development practitioner with credible success in business engagement , high level relationship building and negotiation experience and an expert knowledge of primary production and tourism to make progress on this strategy.

    So many of the proposed strategies could/should be driven by the RDA because they have established government relationships in place already for the big ticket items (transport, health, vocational training, future of Cape Jervis precinct etc). I am still not convinced we get what we need from the RDA, in my humble opinion.

    To sum up, the draft plan is robust but unwieldy. It needs breaking down and assessing against the economic assessment opportunity matrix on page 34 in relation to priority actions over next 5-10 years.
    Delivering it comes with a cost and it will be a case of who can deliver for Council in terms of partnerships within the District, the Region and at the state level.

    I am excited that we will soon have an economic development way forward in covid times that will also act as the authority for future funding requests.
    Kind regards and well done Sasha,
    Anne Petch
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