STRUCTURE PLAN for Yankalilla Normanville and Carrickalinga

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Consultation has concluded

The draft Final Structure Plan builds upon the District 30 Year Plan (adopted by Council in 2009 after an extensive engagement process with the community) and provides a long term perspective of how the towns of Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga might look and operate in the future, by updating and progressing the work previously done by Council and the Community in the 2009 District 30 Year Plan (Stage 1). The rate at which the towns change will depend on a number of factors but it is important that the community’s aspirations are expressed to serve as a guide for planning, investment and environmental management

The Plan incorporates feedback gathered during the public consultation process undertaken from October until December 2013 that resulted in 60 submissions being received, in addition to the contributions made at public forums and presentations during that period.

Council has placed the draft Final Structure Plan on consultation to encourage any further community contributions before finalising the report.

The draft Final Structure Plan builds upon the District 30 Year Plan (adopted by Council in 2009 after an extensive engagement process with the community) and provides a long term perspective of how the towns of Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga might look and operate in the future, by updating and progressing the work previously done by Council and the Community in the 2009 District 30 Year Plan (Stage 1). The rate at which the towns change will depend on a number of factors but it is important that the community’s aspirations are expressed to serve as a guide for planning, investment and environmental management

The Plan incorporates feedback gathered during the public consultation process undertaken from October until December 2013 that resulted in 60 submissions being received, in addition to the contributions made at public forums and presentations during that period.

Council has placed the draft Final Structure Plan on consultation to encourage any further community contributions before finalising the report.

Guest Book

Please take the time to let us know what you think of this important Plan.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

It's a bit difficult to achieve all the objectives in this plan because there is internal conflict within the document, between several of the objectives, as has been widely noted in other comments. What is also evident from the comments is a widespread desire to retain a rural, natural character to the district, particularly in the more visible areas. These specifically include the Carrickalinga/Normanville coastal strip, the Hills face zone associated with this strip, and the green zone gap between Normanville and Yankalilla.
There was nothing unique about the natural character of the coastal zone, it has become a little bit more special because all other coastal margins to the north have been built out! Even now, development on Carrickalinga Rise and the Carrie Vista development have gone a substantial way to eroding the more natural backdrop that many current Ratepayers yearn for.
The single biggest threat to our planet is over population. The evolution of this district plan should focus on environmental preservation rather than population growth; economic growth should be based on improving infrastructure to share this natural environment with others, ie tourism. Such infrastructure should be in less visibly obvious sites, and focussed on access to rather than modification of the natural physically attractive areas. Build up the valleys, not on the hilltops or the beaches!
Bravo the Bungala Linear park, but please don't spoil it with a bulk depot/major retail precinct.
And why would we set aside space in Carrickalinga for retail activity, when it's already noted that it has a very small permanent population, and we already have a high turnover of minor retail businesses in the already established Normanville retail zone. Please don't set up someone for another retail failure.....

Chris about 5 years ago

I also meant to add to my comments yesterday that the future need for a bulky goods retail precinct is based on an assumption that people will continue to shop at such precincts. The reality is now, and evermore so into the future, that people in the community will source such goods from on line retailers. In our move to Normanville and furnishing our house, all bulky goods were sourced from Adelaide based retailers who delivered the goods to our house for a low fee. So not only will this development be unsightly, it will be unnecessary and potential a commercial failure.

Howard about 5 years ago

I Propose that the Rural Living Land East of Jervois road which are mainly 4 to 10 acres in size should be allowed to be subdivided so that owners and pensioners can have a manageable large garden block from 1 to 2 acres in size. It would be easier for owners to maintain their properties but would also make more small rural living blocks of land available within the Council area . Therefore the council would benefit from the collection of the extra rates and maybe then our Rates in this Council could be reduced to be inline with Victor and Alexandrina Councils.
I also feel that with the excessive rates that we pay in this council district we should also be entitled to 2 hard rubbish pick ups per Year

Jayne Warnock about 5 years ago

Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback .
After reading through the Final draft plan a number of times as well as reading the various comments from those more qualified to understand the concept than I, I would like to express concern re the area marked "bulky goods" opposite the show ground along the Bungala river. This area is import to keep as open land rather than any development esp involving "bulky goods". (sorry to who ever owns the land)
These bulk goods areas don't need to highly visible.. people can find them if required rather than having them highly visible along a main road blocking awesome views and providing an built up link between to two towns and taking away the the uniqueness of our 2 bigger towns in the district. We don't need to compete with the Southern suburbs or aim to have same amenities as Victor.
People come to visit our district to enjoy the rural scenes and not to visit Hard wares and "Bulky good areas". The service station can be found off the main road and surely shouldn't be anywhere near the river
The Linear park concept has proved positive in other areas and are well used especially when they follow rivers that have been kept accessible to all.
Keep the green areas please- it is unique and once lost will be gone forever
The comments written by Guy Maron and Anatoly Patrick I fully support

Corinne about 5 years ago

First of all, I have spent 2 hours (which I cannot afford), getting my comment submitted on this system. 30 Year Plan - excellent that you have one! "Bulky Goods" (not defined in document) across from Show Grounds - unconscionable on safety, health, environmental and aesthetic grounds. "Bungala Linear Park" brilliant! As long as care is taken as to whom or what this may disrupt or displace. In general - Council too focused on tourism, non-resident "Baby Boomers" and increasing the rates balance. As a Local Council you should not be profit-driven and you should focus on families, children and youth (15 to 25 year olds) as these are the most likely to still be here in 2039 (your Projected Year as far as I understand). More focus on the "un-sexy" stuff such as roads, rubbish and dog registration would be good, too. In 2039 will the Rubbish Tip still be closed on Fridays and Saturdays (the days I am most likely to there?) And if "OTR" is planned for the location opposite the Show Grounds I suggest you warn our local constable about being too strict about the owner's window-tinting!!!

Victoria Wetherby about 5 years ago

We are writing to respond to several of the points in the “Our Town, Our Future” plan. We support the need for a comprehensive plan and this plan has many positive aspects. However not all of this plan is good and some options are very badly thought through.

Firstly, we would like to voice our strong concerns for plans for a ‘ Bulky Retail Goods Area for Normanville’ as set out on page 33 of the ‘Our Town Our Future: Structure Plan’. We feel that if this plan was to go ahead it would be a retrograde step with long term negative implications for Yankalilla, Normanville and the broader local communality.

- The ‘Bulky Retail Goods Area’ on Main South Road between Yankalilla and Normanville would be a disaster. Page 3 of the plan identifies a key challenge as ‘Maintaining a distinct separation between the towns to reinforce their unique identity and character’. We fail to see how filling the current physical separation between Yankalilla and Normanville with Bulk Retail outlets in any way meets this identified challenge! It is laughable that the plan recognises the importance of the separation between Normanville and Yankalilla but then says ‘ future planning requirements could include: Low scale development etc …’ on the only green space on the southern side of Main South Road.

- The green belt between Normanville and Yankalilla is what makes this area still look and feel rural and attractive. The southern side of Main South Rd, opposite the school and the showgrounds, can be significantly improved in many ways and we will suggest some ideas further down in this response, but we believe it would be an enormous eyesore if this proposal of Bulky Retail went ahead in this area.

- And what does ‘low scale development’ mean? - a Yankalilla Foodland style monstrosity or a OTR petrol station - all lights and signs (light and visual pollution). Far from promoting ‘unique identity and character’ we fear such a development would simply create a homogenous and bland streetscape indistinguishable from that found in many parts of the southern suburbs, Victor Harbor, or McLaren Vale to name but a few. Do we need to look as ugly as they are?

- The Plan talks about existing service station, hardware store and other services relocating to an appropriate location outside of the Town Centre. The plan states that “they are currently constrained in their existing locations” How? e.g. there is plenty of room in the exisiting hardware store area, is this just a grab for more customers? Is there political pressure happening here? It gives the feeling that money is talking rather than common sense and there doesn’t seem to be a true belief in the special nature and beauty of this district.

- If there really is a need for such a development, then the obvious place for this is outside Yankalilla at the end of Main Rd, near the existing dump/refuse area. This area there would not be as visually ruined by the buildings, it could be easily accessed and signposted and there is plenty of room to design something that would fit in and be less obstrusive than what is currently proposed.

Options for the green space.

- This area could be developed alongside a future Bungala Linear Park to be used for health, recreational, environmental and cultural (Indigenous) activities.

- Maintained as a park, with a section similar to Wittunga Botanic Garden, with indigenous plantings of all of the species that grow locally. The area can be developed with seating and other plantings. It would also be ideal for furthering the artistic aspect of the district with sculptures and other forms of art expression.

- An Indigenous Interpretive Cultural Centre for the Southern Fleurieu could be considered for inclusion in this site.

- It would be essential that any plantings allow the hills in the background to be visible, after all it is this green view that makes this area special and is a feature of our district.

- In addition to the above point, it is clear that having a bulky retail goods area in this area would hide all of the beauty of the Bungala River and the hills beyond.

Secondly, the Plan mentions road congestion at the South Rd/Willis Drive section and also at Yankalilla on the South Road.

- We do not see any answer for these problems addressed in this Plan. There is no mention of a pedestrian crossing in Yankalilla. We know, after living here for many years now how dangerous this area it is, particularly in the tourist season. Crossing the road to Foodland and the other shops on the eastern side of the road means taking your life in your hands as cars come down the road quickly and converge into a congested area of car parking, lots of people and create chaos. We have seen a number of car crashes in this spot but thankfully to date, no fatalities. We suspect however, it is a matter of time before this sadly will happen.

- A roundabout at the South Rd/Main Rd intersection may be a very good option to consider as this would certainly slow the traffic. It would also alleviate the problem of traffic confusion at that corner, as many car drivers coming down South Rd and who are unfamiliar to this area, currently stop to give way to the cars on their left on Main Road. This is a common occurrence on weekends and during the holidays.

- The Plan mentions a bypass road but it is not clear that there is a solution or one proposed. Has one been sorted for the Normanville South Rd/Willis Drive problem? Could cars be detoured through St Andrews Boulevard at the peak times of the years?

Made By Nature, Visual Impact and Historical Significance

- In the Our Town, Our Future at Key Challenges, page 3, the first point is “Protection of the natural features which attract people to the district” (followed by the ubiquitous “Maintaining a distinct separation between towns to reinforce their unique identity and character). Neither of these two statements are followed up by support.

- We seem hell bent on destroying the look of any natural features we have here or maintaining historic buildings. The District has seen so many old buildings fall into ruins or be knocked down. Subsequent Councillors have approved destruction of these buildings only to have very ugly ones built in their place. It is easy to name several of these as they are so prevalent and they include Foodland, Browse In, the two storey private homes along the Bungala in Yankalilla that replaced the old Blacksmith Cottage, with the latest new arrival being the Funeral Parlour which entailed a historic stone building being knocked down so that this ugly, cheap looking building could be built. Thank goodness for the few retailers who have taken some care to fit in, e.g. Wakefield Grange have updated their old building with flare and sensitivity.

- There are many other sad stories of disregard to nature including the number of large trees continually cut down for development. We should be working out ways of including the trees and surrounds into the design of the townships. We should value our river, our sea, our green spaces, our heritage and make them the heroes of the District. This is what the local people want and what tourists come down to see. This Plan makes these motherhood statements at the outset and yet ignores what they mean.

Lastly, thank you for the opportunity to comment. We trust all of the submissions and approaches by the people in the Yankalilla District Council will be heard and actioned and not ignored. It is our District and we need to save it and protect it for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Kind regards
Stephen and Coral Ward

coral ward about 5 years ago

Regarding the Normanville Foreshore Estuary and Caravan Park.
A new area green field area should be allocated north of Jetty Road to allow private sector development to develop modern Caravan Park facilities. The existing Caravan park on community land should returned to open space to be part an expanded foreshore precinct that could allow a new shed for the sailing club and for expanded outdoor activities. A marine interpretive building could be constructed along with restoring the Bungala Estuary from its 10% volume for fish breading habitat and low impact water activities. If the community land titles of the CP. are revocated as planned we may lose the ability to keep the whole foreshore area as a public place especially if a long term lease is issued to a develop the Caravan Park as what was planned five years ago.

Des Gubbin about 5 years ago

Regarding the new service station and bulky goods area. I note the comments by the community against the area opposite the show grounds The question is where is the best place for the new service station? The existing place in Normanville town centre is very crowded in summer and will require an upgrade to modern facilities soon.Where else on Main South Road? Willis Drive has a high water table, Carrickalinga road looks to become a residential area. There is clearly a need to find a place that works for Yankalilla District future growth.

Des Gubbin about 5 years ago

I strongly object to the plan to spoil the green belt between Yankalilla and Normanville with commericial buildings and support the views and ideas expressed in Guy Maron's letter to you.

Jennifer Russell
Smith Hill Road

jrr about 5 years ago

Howard Duncan
7 Ronald Street
Normanville SA 5204

28th July 2017

To Whom It May Concern:
I first visited Normanville at Christmas 2015 and instantly fell in love with the place. So much so, 12 months later my wife and I purchased a property in Ronald Street – initially to serve as an investment and holiday rental property, but ultimately to become a place we’ll spend more time ourselves as we head to retirement. The character and amenity of Normanville is very special and reminded me very much of the coastal towns that radiated east and west from Melbourne that I visited as a kid…towns that have now either been swamped by the urban sprawl or been so disfigured by poor planning decisions that their original beauty is irreparably damaged.
I’m currently a long-term resident of the Barossa Valley and this community has fought hard to retain the unique character of the landscape (the ‘special’ factor) whilst accommodating appropriate development to support population and economic growth. The Character Preservation Act is representative of the value placed on maintaining the integrity of the special character of the Barossa region and ensuring clear separation from the urban sprawl of Adelaide. Because we chose to live in a rural community and we love what makes these communities different from urban centres, we have a vested interest in ensuring Council and State government plans continue to protect what makes the place special.
Unfortunately, I was only made aware of the 30-year structure plan and the opportunity for community submissions last night, so I have yet to fully appreciate the document in its considerable entirety. As such my submission does not address every possible concern I may have about plans (which admittedly are only at a very initial stage of their development). But I would like to take the opportunity to make special reference to the proposal to allocate land for the development of a bulky goods retail area for Normanville.
In the introduction, the structure plan states “This district is valued for its unique character and surrounding landscapes and people will continue to migrate to the area for its unspoilt beaches, rural setting and quality of life.” And in my case, that is a precise reflection of why I chose to holiday, and then to purchase a property, in Normanville
Key challenges under the heading ‘The district has experienced development pressures from the sea change phenomenon. Towns within the study area serve as a coastal getaway for residents of the metropolitan area and almost 50 per cent of dwellings are holiday homes, unoccupied periodically during the year.’ are stated as ‘Protection of the natural features which attract people to the district;’ and ‘Maintaining a distinct separation between the towns to reinforce their unique ident ty and character’.
These are all admirable and appropriate high level aims to guide long term plans to support development in the region. However, the provision of a bulky good retail area in this location is entirely at odds with those aims and should be reviewed as a priority for the following reasons:
• The proposed site is a sensitive gateway location to the township and therefore makes a bold statement as to the character of the region and the town. Normanville is a small (but yes, growing) seaside village, and it is this character the plan should be seeking to retain and promote. The development is more akin to the outskirts of a major regional centre such as Victor Harbour than the village atmosphere that should be the trademark of Normanville
• The development of this site significantly erodes the separation of the townships of Yankalilla and Normanville which is against the stated aims of the plan. This is a very large development site
• The site detracts from the rural amenity of this area and impinges on views to the south east of the ranges and rolling farming landscape. It will be a scar on the landscape
When you chose to live in a rural community (such as the Barossa or Normanville), you seek escape from the urban sprawl and to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. You also accept that many of the conveniences of urban living require travel to access. In this instance, the services intended for this zone are readily accessible in Aldinga and Seaford Heights, a drive of 30 minutes. An exceptionally small inconvenience in consideration of the beauty to be seen and the value to be gained from living in a place such as Normanville.
I urge the Council and it’s planners to reconsider their plans for this site and welcome any future opportunity to discuss.


Howard Duncan
(M) 0437 425 794

Howard about 5 years ago

I am opposed to this proposal for a bulky retail goods area development on Main Sth Rd opposite the showgrounds. I object for aesthetic, environmental and safety reasons, most of which are already detailed by Guy Maron and others in our community.
I find the structure plan conflicting - it acknowledges traffic flow problems already in that area of Main Sth Rd and the escalation of these problems in holiday periods, yet still proposes this site. Further proposing this site seems contradictory to the Structure Plan's proposal of protecting, beautifying and developing the Bungala River area.
Furthermore, for safety reasons I am astonished this site would even be considered by council when it is so close to the school and park. I am a very concerned ratepayer and permanent resident.

normanvillejane about 5 years ago

I believe there should always be a green belt between both Normanville and Yankalilla and Normanville and Carrickalinga. To seperate the towns and keep some of the country charm.

Nicole Young about 5 years ago

Strongly disagree with any form of Bulky Goods or Commercial Precinct between Yankalilla & Normanville. Previous plan offered a green division between the towns to maintain the character of the area. This seems completely against this principle.
Also there is no consideration given to the traffic along this already busy road.
Need to consider ways to divert traffic from Main South Rd/ Williss Dr turnoff.

Wayne Gibbs about 5 years ago

I fully support the ideas and comments made by Guy Maron in his letter to the Yankalilla council. He has worded it very well and way better than I ever could. Just listen to his advice he obviously has done more research and a mutual opinion, with no real vested interest other than the best for the community as a whole, unlike SOME staff and councillors. Your embarrassing yourselves.

Robyn Baldock about 5 years ago

I fully support the ideas and comments made by My Guy Maron in his letter to the Yankalilla Newsletter. The report is poorly written with at least one paragraph repeated and inconsistent colouring. The company who produced this report are now owned by a global company who intend to use URS to build its business. The bulky retail goods section describes garden centres, tyre and auto and hardware, generic elements no doubt copied and pasted from another report for another region. These listed retail outlets are established in the retail zone already and the planned site for bulky retail goods makes a mockery of the "protection of the natural features which attract people to the district". The rural scene pictured on page 5 is in the bulky retail goods "black zone". The bulk of my views of the report are more eloquently outlined by Mr Maron.

Chrissy about 5 years ago

May i express my total opposition to this proposed buildings/Bulk Storage or Petrol Station along the road to Normanville from Yankalilla. I have lived here in Normanville since 1984 and i have seen the place slowly move further from what i moved here for and.... what " The Tourist " wants to see..... to something more like what they don't want to see. The Normanville straight is speed track !!!! Cars and trucks all day every day, passing the school and Kindy, it is horrendous !!! The main road still has dirt/gravel edges !!! It is obvious to me the council have their eyes and ears closed, maybe they have never traveled ??? They know how to extract our rates with no conscience !! A bypass road would be a welcomed improvement, people will still come here.... only they might not have the same risk when they are crossing the road with their pie or pasty !!! or there could be more outdoor restaurants or a Farmers Market. In fact .... why don't you hold the next council meeting on the footpath on the main road near the Ag Hall, see how long you can stand it !!!! Get in touch with the real world, not inside your office. People are moving here because they want some the special magic this place possesses. Sadly is almost too late. On The Run ??? McDonalds ??? Bulk Storage ??? What's next guys ??? Reading what others have written .... i would say there are some bad decisions being made here.

Glen about 5 years ago

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Fedup5thgenerationlocal about 5 years ago

Our council is full of shonky dealings and even shonkier members/workers. Stop tearing our history down in the form of our historical buildings etc. Employ genuine locals who know the area. And so these blow in wannabe locals from trying to change our history. Think of the locals first before the tourists like they do. And reduce rates that are some of the highest in S.A.. Disgusting shamefully run council.

Fedup5thgenerationlocal about 5 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree with the comments of Anatoly Patrick.

Neralie Wobring
8 Panorama Crescent, Normanville

Neralie Wobring about 5 years ago

I am deeply troubled by your plan. The very fabric of our beachside town is in danger of being given an ugly and inappropriate entrance with your proposed bulky goods development on South Road. What insanity was involved in making a feature of sheds and storage units? What message would it send to the thousands of visitors we host every year? It will destroy our 'country seaside village' feel. Please reconsider and really think about where bulky goods should be- out of sight not given prominence.

Kerry about 5 years ago